• Write the plural of the following nouns:


Piano, shelf, army, potato, safe, wolf, cliff, wife, schoolboy, schoolchild, leaf, life, factory, knife, man, roof, photo, toy, tomato, class, room, copy, book, note, house, wife, news, paper, home, land, mother, country, student, typist, writer, pilot, doctor, officer, architect, actor, actress, painter, sailor, dentist, teacher, mechanic, locksmith, driver, composer, shop-assistant.


  • Rewrite in the plural:


  1. This is a desk. 2. That‟s a clock. 3. This is a lamp. 4. Where is the picture? 5. The picture is in the book. 6. The chair is in the room.
  2. The map is on the table. 8. This is a pen. 9. That is a window.


  1. The book is on the table. 11. The map is on the wall. 12. The blackboard is on the floor. 13. I have a picture on the wall. 14. My picture is not in the bag. 15. She has a pen and a pencil in the bag.


  • Put the following nouns in the plural form:
    1. What is that child‟s name? 2. The cat has caught a mouse.


  1. There was a lady, a gentleman, a boy and a girl in the room. 4. In the farm-yard we could see an ox, a sheep, a cow and a goose. 5. Is this worker an Englishman or a German? – He is a Frenchman.


  1. Why don‟t you eat this potato? 7. This strawberry is still green.


  1. The withered leaf has fallen to the ground. 9. Can you see a bird in that tree? 10. Does your tooth still ache? 11. I held up my foot to the fire to warm it. 12. His child studies very well. 13. This man works at our office. 14. There is a new house in our street. 15. This story is very interesting. 16. I have hurt my foot. 17. The wolf has been shot.
  2. He keeps his toy in a box. 19. Put this knife on that table.


  • Put the following nouns in the plural form:
    1. This is a bird. 2. Is that also a bird? – No, it isn‟t. That is a cat.


  1. Is that a good horse? – Yes, it is. 4. Is that a cow big or small? – It is big. 5. This is an apple and that is a flower. 6. Where is the coin? – It is in the box. 7. What colour is the box? – It is green. . 8. What is it made of? – It is made of wood. 9.What is that man? –He is a clerk.


  1. Is he in the office? – Yes, he is. 11. Is that woman a typist? –No, she isn‟t.- What is she?- She is a doctor.12.Is his brother at home?-





Yes. he is. 13.This house has a balcony looking out on the street.


  1. The architecture of this building is quite modern. 15. This is a new district of St. Petersburg. 16. There is a shop. A cinema and a theatre in the new district. 17. He is a retired worker. 18. I am a doctor.


  1. We hear the sounds of a child‟s voice. 20. She is a nice girl.


  • Open the brackets put the nouns in the plural or in the singular forms:


  1. I met some interesting _________ at the meeting. (man)
  2. I need some ________ the light the fire. (match)
  3. The baby got two new _______ . (tooth)


  1. The farmer loaded his cart with _______ (box) of fresh vegetables to take to market. His cart was pulled by two _______ (ox)


  1. Alex saw some _______ running across the floor. (mouse)
  2. The north  side  of  the  island  has  no  ____.  There  are  only


________ steep. No one can climb these steep walls of rock. (beach, cliff).

  1. If a houseplant is given too much water, its lower ________

turn yellow. (leaf)

  1. Before Marie signed the contract, she talked to two ______



  1. New scientific _ are made every day in __ throughout the world, (discovery, laboratory)
  2. I caught several ________ in the lake (fish)


  1. On our trip in the mountainous countryside, we saw some


________ , _________ , and wild _______ (wolf, fox, deer, sheep) 12. When we spoke in the cave, we could hear _________ of our


voices. (echo)


  1. The music building at the university has 27 __________ . Students need to sign up for practice times. (piano)


  1. Thunder and lightning are ________ of nature. (phenomenon)


  1. People get most of their news about the word through the mass _________ , that is, through radio, television, the Internet, newspapers, and magazines. (medium)





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