The Magical Garden

Жарнама материал

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a kind girl named Lily. Lily had a secret: her garden was magical. Every night, when the moon shone bright, the flowers in her garden would glow and dance.

One evening, as Lily was watering her plants, a tiny fairy named Sparkle appeared. Sparkle had a shimmering dress and wings that twinkled like the stars. “Hello, Lily! Your garden is so beautiful,” said Sparkle.

Lily couldn’t believe her eyes. “Who are you?” she asked.

“I am Sparkle, the flower fairy. Your garden is special, and I want to show you its magic,” replied Sparkle.

The fairy waved her wand, and suddenly, the flowers started to sway and twirl. Each petal emitted a soft glow, creating a magical dance of colors. Lily’s eyes widened with amazement.

Sparkle explained, “Your kindness and care for the garden have made it magical. Now, you are its guardian.”

Lily felt a warm glow in her heart. From that day on, Lily and Sparkle became the best of friends. They spent their nights chatting and enjoying the enchanted garden together.

One day, a stormy cloud covered the village, and the magical garden started to lose its glow. Lily was worried. Sparkle assured her, “Don’t worry, dear friend. Your love for the garden will bring back its magic.”

Lily decided to share the joy of her garden with the villagers. She invited everyone to see the magical dance of the flowers. As the villagers admired the enchanted garden, the storm clouds dispersed, and the sun shone again.

The magic of Lily’s garden spread happiness throughout the village, and Lily learned that kindness and sharing could make the world a more magical place.
And so, in the small village, Lily and Sparkle’s magical garden became a symbol of joy, kindness, and the enchanting power of friendship. The end.

Questions with answers

  1. What is the name of the girl in the story?
    • A) Rose
    • B) Daisy
    • C) Lily
    • D) Tulip
    Answer: C) Lily
  2. What is special about Lily’s garden?
    • A) It has talking animals
    • B) It glows and dances at night
    • C) It grows giant vegetables
    • D) It changes colors with the seasons
    Answer: B) It glows and dances at night
  3. Who is Sparkle?
    • A) A talking bird
    • B) A magical fairy
    • C) A wise old tree
    • D) A mischievous elf
    Answer: B) A magical fairy
  4. What does Sparkle use to make the flowers in the garden dance?
    • A) A musical instrument
    • B) A watering can
    • C) A magic wand
    • D) A special potion
    Answer: C) A magic wand
  5. Why did Lily invite the villagers to her garden?
    • A) To sell flowers
    • B) To show off
    • C) To share the magic and bring joy
    • D) To keep the garden a secret
    Answer: C) To share the magic and bring joy

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